January 20, 2005
It's time to get back to "normal"
So here's a post about what's been going on recently in our lives.

This week:

Can you believe that A is in Atlanta for the week!?!??! After us being apart for nearly 3 months, his company sent him back to Atlanta for new manager training! Do you think they could have done that when the girls and I were still living there?!??! Of course not, so now we are apart again for a week. This week has been very long and difficult for the girls and me - they want Daddy every day and little A even started crying last night at bedtime because she didn't tell Daddy that she loves him. Yesterday morning, the girls climbed in bed with me and we lay there together, me in the middle and I had my arm around each girl, rubbing their little backs.... V lifts her face to look at me and says "Too bad Daddy is missing all the fun. I can't wait for him to come home!" My heart breaks.

Last weekend:

So beyond that, not a whole lot is really going on. We did go to our parents' over the weekend and A flew out Sunday to Atlanta. We had a sleepover with my cousin, Manny and her daughter. It was so much fun to spend time with Manny - she and I are the same age (I am 3 weeks older) and growing up, we were the best of friends. When I moved to FL (she had moved when we were 12), our closeness was re-cemented in the turmoil of our early 20's. I didn't realize until we were with them just how much I miss being an important part of Manny's life - how much we've missed with her daughter, O, in her first 5 years since we have drifted apart and a friend of hers kinda took my place. I am going to make a conscious effort from now on to be more involved. I want Manny to depend on me and I want O to know how much I love her and her mom. Not to mention, I have a deepened respect for Manny after being a single mom for just a few months - she has done it since O was born!

Growing in Faith:

A and I have officially joined a lay ministry group. We had attended meetings with the chapter in Atlanta and were going to commit to their group in October, but since we were moving shortly we were able to talk to the foundress and she has allowed us to join the bay area group. We aren't full members - there are several years of "preparation" required beforehand - in order to discern if you are really ready for such commitment (there are lots of volunteer hours required and a deep commitment to a regular/daily prayer life in addition to some other things). So, they have a school going on right now for 2 weeks and I signed up to serve lunches and dinners. Boy, oh boy! What work these ladies (and a few gentlemen) do for their guests. I have served a dinner and a lunch so far and I will tell you that I would much prefer to serve dinner than lunch! For lunch, they use china - real china. We're talking stuff with real silver etching - I will check out the back tomorrow to see what kind it is..... But, it is special stuff, for sure. It is a lot of work to serve the food and clean up. I don't really fit in with my fellow group members - the closest to my age that served lunch with me was 61. At dinner, the closest was 56. Um... Do you know that I am 29? lol

Anyway, we love the group. A grew up knowing most of them (his parents are part of the original, founding group and play a vital role in the whole community) and I have known them all of my Catholic life. In my childhood years I lacked a positive model of motherhood, I realized the other day at mass (with this community) that God has given me several positive models since my conversion, with Mary being at the forefront. During a time when I feel I am not being a good mommy (too stressed, etc.) we officially join this group that is nearly 100 strong and most of them are faith-filled, at peace mothers. Granted, most of their children are older than I am, but how wonderful to have access to this group of fine souls. These women who each in their own way will help me become the mother that I know God intends me to be. That in my adulthood, I will have more moms than I know what to do with. :) What a comfort. And what a delight to be back home where I have this opportunity.

Well, that is enough for now. I was hoping to touch more on small town living and the day to day here... I will have to come up with something interesting to say about that.

Until next time, much love to you and many blessings from above!
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