December 04, 2004
My Mom of the Week answers
Thanks to you who asked questions! They're great ones. I am going to just answer 'em all.... Plus, I need a break from packing. :) This was so much fun and a wonderful (long) break from doing my chores! I nominate Sue to be the next MOTW, so give her a couple days to get a post up for questions!

What do you enjoy most about being a mom? Gosh, there is so much... I guess the daily hugs and kisses are the things I really enjoy the most - that I am the best healer/comforter/carer/bather/playmate that my girls know. Given a choice, they always choose mommy. :)
What do you enjoy least about being a mom?
Cleaning up after them. I don't mind washing and folding laundry, I just have a serious problem putting it away. I know this will improve as they are old enough to have more "chores", but man, it is a long time away....

What is your favorite:Movie? hmmm... tough one - I have so many old favorites... Top Gun?
TV show? Toss up - I watch three: 7th Heaven, The Apprentice, ER - rarely else do I have the TV on - we aren't even going to get cable when we move!
Song? hmmm.. another tough one - I LOVE music! So many genres... how can I pick just one song? I guess I will go sentimental and pick Prince's "Kiss" (see explanation below)
Musician/Band? Again, I don't know how I can pick just one. If I could only listen to one for the rest of my life? Well, I guess I have to pick Michael W. Smith - he's definitely the one musician that his music has traversed nearly 20 years of my life, even before I was a christian.
Book? Again, I have read a lot and enjoy books... I guess the one book I have read the most times has been John Grisham's Rainmaker. I think one of the most changing books I have read, though, is Life-Giving Love by Kimberly Hahn.
Food? Salad. You can pick salad and still get a ton of different possibilities. That is, if I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life.

What is your all time fave breakfast, my dad would make pancakes sometimes on weekends - I would love to have pancakes made by my Dad
lunch, see "Salad" above
supper, anything I have eaten with my Dad's older sister - last thing was delicious authentic Mediterranean food when I was in London in March
snack, baklava! (memory brought on by the night I spent with my aunt and uncle in London!)
and drink non alcoholic plain old boring old water - but I am really diggin' Diet Coke with Lime
and alcoholic :) ? A nice Merlot - my current fave: Pepperwood Grove
What would be your dream outside the home paying job be? Nothing. Working at Veronica's school reminded me that I just cannot work with people. Forced to answer this question, I will have to say some sort of youth minister position at church - Life Teen!
What is your fave color? Purple - or green
What is your fave movie of all time? see above
Do you have any pets? Not currently. In my life, I have had the following: a wonderful dog, Tizzy. She was a collie-mutt I had from 3 years old til I was nearly 19. It was devastating when she died. I also had a couple guinea pigs (one at a time) when I was about 11. In adulthood, I have had a peach-faced lovebird (LG), who died just last year. I fed him out when he was a baby 8 years ago; I also had an African Grey Congo parrot (BG) who I also fed out as a baby about 8 years ago. He killed himself (a cat tried to get him and he freaked out in his cage and broke his neck) almost 5 years ago. He would have been great with the girls.

What was your favorite subject in school? Gosh, I loved school. I guess my favorite subject was probably Chemistry - until I took it in college.
How often do you shave your legs? shave? my legs? you've got to be kidding! ha! Actually, I prefer to get them waxed - about once a month or less - pretty lucky here
What do you and your hubby plan on doing for your 10th wedding anniversary? Haven't talked about it, really. Just celebrated our 6th - okay, we didn't celebrate cuz we were 500 miles apart.

Do you think you will dye your hair again? LOL, just kidding. Absolutely! I will just be more careful when I take the bottle off the shelf - probably check the label 5 times - I have too many white hairs to let this just go....
Where did you meet your DH? At the hotel he was working at the time. My department at a big insurance company had an employee appreciation party and he was working. I watched him make a fool of himself as he sang along with Prince's "Kiss". And he gave me his number without even a hello.
Did you know the gender of your babies before you had them? With Veronica, I was wrong. With Ana I was right. We found out by ultrasound before they were born, though. With Gabriella, I was wrong.
What's your favourite Christmas memory? I don't know if I have a particular memory. I guess it would be seeing my Dad and my little brother playing together when J was just about 1 - the Christmas before my Dad died, I am certain was his happiest.
Ever been overseas? Been to London twice and been to Paris and Versailles. We are planning a trip to London maybe the end of next year and taking the girls! We hope to take a side trip and fly back to the States from Paris. We'd like to take advantage of my aunt and uncle's beautiful flat in London before he retires in a few years.
Which blog introduced you to blog-world? I think I read Julia a few times after she left iP, but didn't regularly read blogs until after Kelly left iP.
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