January 12, 2005
Sickness and Laziness
Well, what a title for my blog entry.... My first real one in over a month....

We have been passing around illness since Christmas. It is like a plague. My family has been asked NOT to visit others. Understandably. It started with me having headaches and fever, then A got a stomach bug, then I got the stomach bug, then V got something - a fever and one good heaving session, then little A had fever. Goodness gracious! This was in 5 days' time. Then 3 days later, we took little A to the walk-in clinic (we don't have a pediatrician here yet) and she has an ear infection - severe. Good golly. 4 medications later.... She seems better now, a week later, but time will tell if it is really gone.

Most of you don't know the problems we had with her last year - she had one ear infection for 5 straight months. Month after month, they would give her stronger antibiotics until she was getting 2 shots/day for 3 days. We were advised by the otolaryngologist (ENT) that if she had another infection before the year's end, to schedule surgery for tubes. Well, she was diagnosed on 1/03/05. We are taking this as a sign that she will have enough growth to eliminate the need for tubes, so we are not jumping back into the surgery wait - yet. She will be 3 in March and if we can keep her well for just a bit longer, then maybe - just maybe - she will be out of the woods. Unless she is anything like her friend

The day after little A's late doc visit, big A stayed home from work - he was so sick - again. This time more of a regular flu (rather than just stomach). A never stays home from work, yet in 2 weeks, he did twice. Two days after that, I stayed in bed most of the day. And that leads us to a few days later, today. My head is feeling mostly clear (no bricks in residence today), my throat is not burning like fire, just the embers... I am on the upswing. A is on the upswing. V is perfect and healthy. And wouldn't you know, little A was coughing and wheezing this morning. Jiminy! And wouldn't you know, that since A switched jobs and we were without insurance for 3 months, now her breathing issues are considered "pre-existing condition" and insurance won't cover any treatment for a YEAR! It is a good thing the problems are occasional (rather than daily) and I have plenty of refills (I hope) of all her meds that we just have to pay out of pocket for meds and not doc appts to get the meds. And the meds are cheap enough that we won't break the bank, hopefully. Anyway....

We are SO happy to be an hour from home. We have seen our families every week. I was able to go help my mom a little after she had a leg injury. We are able to visit A's grandparents. We have gotten together with some friends. My cousin and her daughter drove over for dinner one night last week. Of course, due to our illnesses, we haven't been able to do everything we've wanted.... but, it is a good start after being gone over a year! I love being with my husband on a daily basis! I am still not used to him being in the bed with me again (go figure, I couldn't sleep the first week we were apart and now it's been a month together and I can't get to sleep!). Especially with all the illness and (his) subsequent snoring I have just not slept well in a number of weeks. Hope to get all that settled once we are completely well.

I have rambled and rambled.... I didn't mean to complain about being sick through the whole entry. I am actually working on another entry - kinda a 2004 in review.

Hope you are all well, I have been trying to catch up with everyone's blogs. I will get there soon!

Until next time, I hope the weather is calm and you're appreciating all the blessings in your life.
God Bless!
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