December 02, 2004
Whoever Said the Holidays Were Hectic?
So, this is my schedule for the coming weeks:

Thursday, Dec. 2: laundry and clean out laundry room and linen closets, vacuum in prep for beautiful friend and darling baby girl's visit. Sort through ALL the toys and bag up what will go Friday to be donated for less-fortunate children - something I will like to start doing each year before Christmas with my children.
Friday, Dec. 3: L and her son are coming over for the day, hopefully I can get the office sorted and the girls' clothes sorted along with the playroom - maybe the kitchen sorted as well as taking toys to a donation center
Saturday, Dec. 4: The girls and I have a Christmas party to go to in the evening. I suppose I should take some gifts for the hosts and some of the other guests that I won't be seeing again before I move
Sunday, Dec. 5: CHURCH. I sure need it this week. Clean out my closet and sort out clothes that will go to Goodwill, clean out my bathroom cabinets and closet
Monday, Dec. 6: Finish up any straggling things in the apartment before pack day, hopefully have fundraiser items in so I can deliver them to A's former co-workers and other Atlanta area friends. Deliver clothes and rugs and straggling items to goodwill
Tuesday, Dec. 7: Volunteer for the day at V's school and listen to one of my favorite priests talk to the kids at school. Pack car with everything that can't be in the apartment when packers come: jewelry, money, important documents, sex toys (hee hee), clothes for 10 days for me and the girls, anything that we might need before our goods arrive in FL
Wednesday, Dec. 8: Packers come. I have no idea what time. I have to take the girls to the house of a family from school so they are not under foot. That night, sleep in an apartment filled with boxes to be close enough to make it on time to school next morning
Thursday, Dec. 9: School day. Hoping my friend will watch little A so I can have a much needed break (I have a coupon for a facial!!), Get V from school and drive to the far side of town to get V's and my hair cut and maybe a color re-touch on mine before spending the night with a friend
Friday, Dec. 10: Truck comes and men load all our earthly possessions onto a tractor trailer. With any luck, this will be a smooth, painless process unlike last year's debacle. Final clean of apartment and turn in keys. Pick up the girls from my friend's house and head up to Triangle area of NC to visit my grandma and aunts before my big move.
Monday, Dec. 13: Drive back to greater Atlanta area and stay overnight with a different friend, L.
Tuesday, Dec. 14: Load car for last time and take V to school for her last day and Christmas party. After party, load the girls into the car and head to FL.
Wednesday, Dec. 15: Leave girls with amazing mother-in-law while I go on to our new apt. and unpack like crazy.
Thursday, Dec. 16: Unpack like crazy before heading to Jacksonville to see the Michael W. Smith Christmas concert/show. Crash at beautiful hotel that will go to waste because I will be exhausted.
Friday, Dec. 17: Drive back to new apt. to unpack like crazy while A works a few hours and then head back to the coast to get the girls from in-laws. Stay overnight so we can take in-laws to the airport for their trip.

That weekend is also A's 30th birthday and I am desperately wanting to do something nice for his birthday, but I really think the timing sucks. I don't know how I will plan anything in the next two weeks that does not have to do with the move....

Anyway... I will miss you all and will try to get online when and where I can to check in on you. I hope to have myself back online sometime before the New Year, but I can't make promises.

If I don't get a chance to individually wish each of you a happy holiday, I will do so here:

I love you and wish you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Be safe and thankful and blessed.

I'm going home. (tears up)
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