November 30, 2004
Thanksgiving Week Happenings
What a week I had! I will just go chronologically, even though it might skip around about some things.

The girls and I left for Florida on Thursday, November 18 after having a week from h*ll with the girls. I just wanted to get there and give the girls to their daddy and run away for a couple days. I didn't, of course. We arrived pretty late at A's hotel, but he was able to snag adjoining rooms, so the girls had their own - or more importantly, A and I did. I took a refreshing shower (after that long drive and hard work of the day, I needed it before I'd even let my husband near me for a kiss) while he put the girls to bed. The next morning, we all had breakfast together in the restaurant before A did a couple hours of work. The girls and I enjoyed a quiet morning of cartoons and just being lazy (something that had been alluding us as life has been go go go lately) and me making cards for Christmas gifts. Right about the time I was finishing up, A finished his work day (at 11 am!) and we headed out to the west coast (of Florida, folks!). We stopped off for a potty break right about where I loved to eat lunch when I was a working girl, so that is where we ate (Sweet Tomatoes) - lovely husband that I have. After lunch, we headed on to A's parents' house.

Friday night, we had a nice dinner (just pizza) with A's parents and grandparents. So good to be home. I think I mentioned in a post last week that we went to the park Saturday with some friends and then to lunch with them. That night, A's dad went into the hospital.

Father-in-Law Update

He is doing better. On lots of medication, came home from the hospital Tuesday. He has a not-great prognosis of congestive heart failure. His heart function is very low (about 30%). He has to totally alter his lifestyle - eating nothing with salt, drinking less than 2 liters fluid/day, including soups, ice cream, watery fruit, etc. He has to choose his activities wisely, meaning he will not be able to complete tasks each day that he normally has been able to - he can no longer take the garbage out or do anything really as far as home maintenance goes - he has to save his energy for more essential things that only he can do. This might sound like a good deal to many people, but after watching him for a few days, I can't imagine being as exhausted as he is - just from reading books to my kids or other very physically low impact tasks. He is having a hard time adjusting to having to rest most of the day and doesn't like sitting still for so long. Long term prognosis is not so bad as long as he takes care of himself and does everything he is supposed to do.

Sunday night, my mom kept the girls while A and I went on a date and then back to Central FL for a night alone and a look-see with the realtor on Monday. We looked at many houses and narrowed it down to 3. I went back to the west coast to get the girls since they were at my mom's. I won't go into the situation there. I don't want to bitch and I know that is what would happen if I opened that can of worms here now.

I stayed overnight at Al's house on Tuesday. Since FIL had come home and my kids were sick. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that my kids were both sick? Fun week. Living like hobos with sick kids. Anyway, had a fantastic night, we rented the first Bridget Jones movie and watched that after all the kids went to bed. I didn't get much sleep that night for sweating over an irrational fear I had of making the top bunk fall (with me on it) onto my sleeping children below, surely killing them. The next day, I made pies for Thanksgiving and had a leftover pie crust so I whipped up a creation that happened as I mixed items together, hoping they would taste good. It did turn out great and they were like tarts, almost... I made them in a muffin pan and created some sort of lemon cream cheese stuff that turned out something like but unlike cheesecake. Anyway....

A returned from work Wednesday and we moved to my other friend's house - she lives across the street from A's parents and had left town for the holiday, so we had her house to ourselves. Because she is a wonderful friend, I tend to care for her dog when she is out of town and I am in town, lovely dog, well-behaved and never bites our children. On Thanksgiving Day, we had dinner at my mother's house. It was a nice day, wonderful food and nice to be with family that just hasn't been around much in the past years' holiday celebrations.

There was an unfortunate string of events following dinner that has caused some anger and hurt feelings within the family. I won't go into it here, since I am unaware of who reads this webspace, but suffice to say it was all ugly. There is a lot more to the story and if you REALLY want to know, you will just have to call me. ;)

I finished up my Christmas shopping on Friday (yay, me!). Al and I went shopping and then to breakfast at my favorite hometown cheap eatery. I can't really remember what else we did that day - I took a nap? Saturday, Al and I went to see the new Bridget Jones movie (see a pattern here?) and later, A and I went on a date to our favorite Thai place - ummm!! I can't believe I totally blew my great new eating habits over the weekend.

I left Sunday to come home. A tried to convince me to stay until today, Monday, but I know there are just too many things to get done before the packers come next Wednesday and I wanted not to waste a day, not that being with him would be a waste... Anyway, one the way home, I had a great idea to try to stop in and see Cara and family for a break in the road trip. It worked out great and the girls and I had lunch before Cara, Tommy and crew (minus napping Baby Jay) arrived to play at the wonderful McD's playland. The girls had a wonderful time and re-cemented V's view of Liah as one of her "bestest" friends. Wonderful how these girls who've only been together twice now, treat each other like they are the only 2 girls on the planet when they are together. It was, of course, a wonderful break from the road trip and so so nice to meet Tommy and to just chat with Cara for a bit, though I am afraid I talked way too much.... You know me, monopolizing the conversation....

So, now, we are back. I am working on my list of things that have to get done before we move. I will do a whole other entry regarding the stresses of that later. For now, I have to close - it has taken me nearly 3 days to get this entry finished - so many many things to do.

-Oh, I am Mom of the Week (thanks again to Cheri for nominating me!). Please ask your questions in the comment section of that entry!

God bless you!
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