July 29, 2008
Humility: Knee Surgery
We have been overwhelmed by our friends and family. I had surgery two weeks ago on Monday and have been pretty much incapable of caring for my family since then. For the first many days, I was rather incapable of caring for myself as well.
But, meals have been brought, laundry has been done, ice has been provided...
There is not a moment that has gone by in the past two weeks that I haven't been cared for directly in some way by someone else.
I don't exactly like being in this place of need, but I am so blessed to be in a community that is both willing and able to step up and care for our family in such tangible ways.
I hope that we'll find the wireless router soon so I can get online more frequently and spend a bit more time updating and catching up with the blogs in my bloglines account. But until then, know that I think of you and pray for you.
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