June 10, 2008
On the Phone
Well, it turned out my anxiety over the upcoming phone call was unnecessary. Rita is a perfectly delightful girl, quite smart and very faith-filled and our mutual friend was right about the idea that we'd be friends if meeting under other circumstances. She was funny and honest and a long-winded. Those of you who know me well, probably will be surprised that she dominated the conversation and really talked my ear off (90+ minutes on the phone!).
Strange of all strange, her (very esoteric) college major was exactly the same as Husband's. Weird. Her family is similar to Husband's, so their childhoods were rather parallel, particularly where faith is concerned. She's a bit self-deprecating (more like me than Husband), but really wants to do the right thing for the baby.
So, I'm a bit more hopeful than before the call when I thought she was dragging her feet before contacting us. There are still obstacles, in particular regarding the father. She suggested we get an attorney (I think that means she likes us so far) and that we keep talking and getting to know one another.
So, please continue to pray for Rita. For peace in her heart, that she would feel that God is calling her to a decision... She seems genuinely afraid of what is happening with the father, so I ask for specific prayers regarding that situation. And please pray for us too.
I just can't explain how excited I am - and I'm really trying hard not to get my hopes up too much. But all these puzzle pieces seem to have God's fingerprints on them and I can't help feeling incredibly hopeful that this will be an answer to our prayers for another child.
Until next time, God Bless you!
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