June 26, 2008
I realize this morning that in my post yesterday, it seemed as if I were going to share pictures of the swollen knee. I really was thinking pictures of the new house, so I apologize up front for that offense. Because really? who wants to see pictures of my swollen knee? Nobody, that's who.
I got an email very late last night from the birthmother. Her attorney states the day was a "victory for us" (the words the birthmother used in her email). Now, it's more waiting, to find out what she wants us to do next. Our tentative plan involves traveling to her state in two weeks to meet her face to face, if that is what she wants. My ability to travel is eliminated in 18 days, plus, 14 day-advance purchase tickets are cheaper - so, we hope to hear something today regarding that.
Please continue to pray for peace for all involved and that the Lord will work out the details.
Until next time, God Bless You!
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