June 16, 2008
Two in a day!
Our move date is quickly approaching and I need to put a list someplace where I won't misplace it. So, unfortunately, you are going to see my list, that is, the four of you who I love so much and you check in here....
My bedroom
My bathroom
Girls' bathroom
Girls' bedroom
Office/craft/disaster room
Dining Room
Living Room
Family Room - finish (Husband packed up the books on the bookshelves on Saturday)
Basement - finish (a friend and I spent two half days down there a couple weeks ago, so I don't have more than another half day of work down there)
Linen Closets
Arrange for change of address:
Credit Cards
Postcards - order
Postcards - mail
Cell Phone
Doctors offices
Cleaning Whiz
Lawn Service
Things to Schedule:
Surgery Pre-op
Home Study
Trip to meet Rita
Carpet Cleaning
and Final Clean of old house
Moving Help
Movers for things like piano and appliances
And yes, life continues for the next 12 days. I better get away from this desk....
God Bless you!
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