June 16, 2008
Make that three this morning!
Vonage makes me crazy.
When our cable/internet company increased their rates and it was cheaper for us to bundle our phone service with them and cancel Vonage, that's what I tried to do.
The first insult, Vonage would not release our home telephone number, so we were forced to change phone numbers. Then, when I tried to cancel our Vonage account, I was made to feel guilty for leaving a service that had really been fine for the year we'd had it. The guy on the phone said they'd give me two months free, then reduce my rate in order to make it more affordable in light of the increase in my cable/internet costs. He really wouldn't take no for an answer and I suppose I should have just bitten his head off, because that is what it just took now to finally (5 months later) have the darn service cancelled.
To add insult to injury, they are charging us a cancellation fee (because we hadn't had our service for 24 months). As if paying for service that we weren't using wasn't enough for them. I am absolutely furious. Nobody should call me with bad news this morning because I just might yell at you.
Ah, the phone is ringing.... good luck to whoever is on the other end.
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