November 05, 2006
Sunday Morning*
Have you ever noticed that the kids drag a bit more on Sunday mornings? They don't brush their teeth or hair until you're walking out the door, they don't have their shoes on, even after being reminded 16 times to be ready to go...
When there is a meeting before church, the rushing increases.
Until one day, the rush results in a wrecked van, with hundreds (thousands?) of dollars in damages.
Next time, remember it's better to arrive late and safe - and with a fully intact vehicle.
Thank goodness there are reminders all during mass to forgive one another as you'd want to be forgiven.
Have a blessed day.
*My friend Nino posted an entry with the same title. Her post was way funnier than mine. [Mine wasn't funny at all, yathink?] Hi, back atcha, Nino!
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