September 26, 2006
Update: Boring Life Stuff
Well, this cold isn't being shaken in our house. Poor little Bookworm has been fighting it for days and has spent the last two days feverish and slightly lethargic. I am not better - or rather, I seem to be getting better, but then I get worse again. My ears are bothering me and I'm fatigued and grumpy. I have been having a hard time sleeping at night, but I'm resisting naptime during the day. I'd really like to get back to sleeping at night, so napping during the day seems like a bad idea. Instead, I'm walking around in a haze most of the time.
The movers are bringing the piano, gym and freezer this week. So, we're broke. :) It is costing a pretty penny to have these items moved from Husband's parents' house in FL to our home here. But it's still infinitely cheaper than buying new ones - and less than if we'd rented a truck and moved everything ourselves. It will be nice when the girls can practice their piano lessons on a piano and not use the pink plastic keyboard Silly Sally got for her birthday. The piano is a gift from the grandparents. It was used by Husband's mom to give lessons when her children were young. The freezer and gym have been stored in their garage since we moved to Atlanta 3 years ago. Finally, we are moving out of our parents' house! The only things we have left there are Husband's art books in the closet and some baby things in the attic. We'll likely get rid of the rest of the baby things when we visit for Thanksgiving.
No news yet on the job front. We're hoping to know something in the next week. We're cool either way things go: the nice thing is if we go, we can probably stay for a while - years!; and if we stay, we're happy with that too. So, we're just hoping news comes soon so we can either get on with things here or get on with planning a move there.
We're good, other than the illness swirling through our heads. Until next time, I'm praying that God will bless you abundantly this fall.
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