August 11, 2006
Miracles Abound
We are still home, though we are going to a party tomorrow in Atlanta.
This means, of course, that Poppop in Baltimore is actually improving! This has taken everyone by surprise (except for that one doctor everyone thought was a little "off"), but Dad and his siblings seem grateful and pleased. Of course, Mommom expected that Poppop would come home to her, that it would just take a little time. And right now, it looks like he just might do that. Thank you, Jesus!
Also, I've been praying for a young mom, Amy. She was diagnosed at the beginning of July with leukemia and has spent the last 42 days in the hospital, fighting for her life. She got some fantastic news today and I just want to praise God for His healing touch.
Life just might settle down soon for us (right in time to start school!). And we are currently looking forward to a long weekend at the beach in less than two weeks.
I would like to start making some changes here on the ol' blog, so please bear with me as I revamp things and change it up a bit. Can you believe it's been two years already?! Somehow it seems much longer, but in other ways, time sure flies.
Have a blessed weekend!
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