July 30, 2006
Farewell, Sweet Friend
There will never be another day that I walk into the chapel and am greeted by your embrace. There will never be another day when the girls and I poke our heads into your office for a quick hug and smile. There will never be another day that you encourage me, squeeze my arm, offer a prayer... You will never again raise your hand to me, showing off the tribute bracelet I made for you.
My dear, sweet friend, I am sorry the end of your time here was filled with illness. But I find hope in knowing you are joined with your Father. I pray one day I will see you again, and until then, I will try to live by your faithful example.
Godspeed, Mimi Rita. Heaven has gained a beautiful soul in our loss.
We love you and rejoice that your fight has finally been won! And though we are filled with happiness at your gain, we will certainly miss you.
[A dear family friend finally won her battle against breast cancer late last week. It wasn't the victory we had selfishly wanted, but it was the ultimate victory, as we know she is with the angels and saints in Heaven. She will be missed by more people than one can imagine, as she touched so many in a special way. She wasn't a relative, but she was part of our family. And her example will live on in many lives and her memory will radiate from many hearts.
I won't be around this week, as we are traveling to Florida for her funeral. Please pray that everyone who is traveling to bid our friend goodbye would have safe travels and that their hearts be filled with peace and love.]
God Bless You.
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