August 07, 2006
Another Funeral? *edited*
Husband's grandfather (the one who lives in MD, not the one we have spent a lot of time with in FL) is in the hospital. It doesn't look good. His advanced directives clearly state to let him go in the event he codes. Already someone in the family went against that directive and he had surgery (without his consent).
He's been unresponsive for a day and half (possibly more?) and they are taking him off the vent on Wednesday. It would be surprising if he makes it.
Due to the distance and rising cost of gas, the girls and I will have to stay here and let Husband go on his own for the funeral. I don't know that PopPop very well, but I loved him and I am upset for my father-in-law especially. I know it's hard for him to stay away when his family needs him. But tonight he said that with his own heart condition, he just doesn't think he can take it. He might still fly up Wednesday, depending on what's happening.
***EDITED TO ADD: Poppop is much worse and they are removing him from the venilator tonight. Mom and Dad (my in-laws) are flying up tomorrow, but they'll likely not be there before Poppop dies, which it sounds like is for the best anyway. The funeral will likely be on Saturday and now we are talking about all of us driving up and Husband will fly back Monday, after we spend the day in DC. I will stay another day and visit a friend who is going to come down from PA to see us. On the way back, I will stop in NC to see two of my grandmothers, who live an hour from one another. I suppose all this death is making me realize I need to stay better connected to the ones in my own family that I love so much. So, as it is now, it looks like we will leave Thursday and drive partway and then arrive sometime later Friday in Baltimore. I hope it works out to spend some time with Husband's family there over the weekend and then spending some time with other important people before heading home next weekend. I have to get packed and that means getting laundry done and all that.
If you would pray for a peaceful passing for Poppop, I would be grateful.***
So, if you could please keep Husband's family in your prayers, I'd be much humbled and appreciative.
Good night.
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