June 22, 2006
The difference 24 hours makes
The phone rang this morning at five-to-nine. It was a woman who'd arranged through freecycle to pick up our microwave.
[The house we're moving to has a built in microwave and I've caught a couple bags of popcorn on fire in ours in the last month. (I later determined that it was due to the metal turntable base - since Husband blew up the glass plate in there, everything just sits right on the base). Anyway, the microwave is great, though big. And it's been in storage a lot because of our penchant for moving. And this time, it'd be in storage a couple years (due to the built-in one in the new place) and it's just one more thing to move twice before it gets possibly used again.]
So back to this morning... The phone rang. And I wondered who could be calling from the gate. And when the woman announced herself, I was flabbergasted. I believe I said, "Is it Thursday ALREADY?!!?" She laughed nervously. I buzzed her in the gate and proceeded to wipe down the microwave one last time, all the while panicking - we are really moving. In 4 days.
I have a lot of work to do.
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