July 24, 2006
Renaming my children
For two years, I've referred on my blog to my children and spouse by their first initials. A month or so ago, I changed A to Husband. I liked having a name that flowed in a sentence, even if it wasn't his name.
I wanted to rename the girls from initial to something, so I picked their favorite D*sney characters. And then after I'd posted, I realized I'm going to get a lot of unwitting girls directed to my blog, as they searched for their favorite characters.
So, I've changed their names, yet again. I picked names that I've begun calling them, that relate to their personalities (at least in general). One is a book title that we love and the other, well, the other is just something I've been calling my bright girl who reads at a level equal to children twice her age - and loves it.
Hence, from this day forward, "V" shall be Bookworm Betty (sometimes Betty for short, I think); and "Little A" shall be referred to as Silly Sally (and Sally for short).
Back to our irregularly scheduled programming.
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