August 15, 2006
Blog Boredom
I'm finding my blog mundane and boring. I like that I can read through past entries to see what was going on when, but I'm not finding much happiness in keeping this blog lately. I don't feel like my creative juices are flowing and my writing has just been blah. And I don't want to be just one more mommy blogger who chronicles the trudge of every day. I want to be interesting and fun! and feel like I'm making a difference, even if it is just expanding the creative portion of my mind and developing a writing a style all my own.
I think I am going to take a break for a while. I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs, particularly some of the ones I've recently stumbled across. But my heart and my mind just are not into writing anything witty or interesting - and ultimately, I've always wanted to find a topic that I am passionate enough about to write a book. And well, I'm thinking that "Today I Cleaned the Laundry Room" is not destined to be a bestseller (or even a successful giveaway book).
I am going to start a new thing or two, but not for a couple weeks at least. We have a new school year for which to prep and I have a lot on my TO DO LIST. And then, in about two weeks, we will actually begin the school year. You know what? Here I am, making this blog entry even more mundane by talking about all the daily blah going on in my life.
I would like to start writing some different kinds of things and possibly will close this blog (or at least stop writing on it altogether). I am considering moving over to typepad more permanently and starting a new bloggy project.
But for now, I'm going to sign off and pick one thing off my to do list to accomplish before dinner. And I'll be around (except for next week, when I will be walking on the beach with my children, looking for seashells to add to our colle- oh, we don't have a collection! I threw it out during the packing in June, so as to have one less thing to find a place for in our new home. So, I guess we will be starting our seashell collection from scratch. And that means lotsa beach-walking, my friends.)
Until next time, God Bless you.
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