June 09, 2006
Update and Goodbye for Now
I'm in mad dash mode and packing and cleaning to get ready for our trip (our house has to be showable for the realtor here). I leave today at noon straight from picking up the girls at VBS to drive to Husband's new place of work.
New House: Still no word on the house we really want, so Husband is submitting an app for our #2 house this morning (maybe we'll get word in the next day or so before we have to sign a lease for house #2?) I don't like this uncertainty, but it sounds like we'd love house #2 if #1 weren't this close to our grasp.
Wonky Cycles: Still nothing. Well, except for a BFN on yet another stick. Not worried, though, amazingly. I'm not really interested in being pregnant anyway. And well, the reprieve from horrendous cycles is kind of nice, if I let myself just be.
Trip: I'm getting excited (or will be after my long drive this afternoon and a great sleep with my husband at my side). We are spending a few days in Hot-lanta and have a packed schedule. Of course, one of the things I'm most looking forward to is a couple of days just hanging with my girl, Becca, and her family. As an added bonus a couple days later, we'll likely get to play at Cara's house at some point before heading back to Florida for the wrap up and move.
So, my friends, I'm out. I've got to turn this computer off or I will never get the things done that need to get done this morning if I even so much as listen to my iTun*s music (too easy to sit back down and just browse through the blogs... ). Anyway, you all have a blessed weekend - or two. Maybe I'll be able to pop in while I'm at Becca's, but don't count it.
Much love and many prayers for you all.
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