March 15, 2006
Tonight, Little A kept calling out "Mommy and Daddy, I want to kiss you!" (this was after we both had put her to bed - she tends to stall on the actual sleeping part of bedtime) After she'd called out twice, we looked at each other and nodded. I called to her to "(Little A), just go to sleep and stop yelling!"
Then we raced into their bedroom, I leapt first onto her bed and A second. Instead of her erupting into fits of giggles, she burst into tears. Maybe it was partially because poor thing has an ear infection and is feeling generally grumpy....
We wanted to cover her in kisses, even though we don't normally encourage her calling out to us for no reason. Apparently, she thought we were coming in to punish her for shouting.
I guess we'd better start going in for the second kisses more often. :)
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