February 14, 2006
Happy Valentine's Day!
Sorry I've been away..... I am on my way shortly to have the doctor either inject something into my shoulder or pull something out via needle or both. I am assuming that any pain that leads to the stopping of the pain I've been in for a week and a half is worth it. Let's just hope they get this figured out and I don't end up with surgery on my shoulder.
On to other things, we are great here. The girls spent the night last week with my cousin and her daughter, so I was able to clean the house (one-armed cleaning takes so long!) and make a wonderful dinner for A and me. It was much needed for us to have some quiet time alone. Nothing terribly romantic because after dinner, he had to take the driver improvement course because of his speeding ticket a few months ago. It was nice, though, to have a quiet evening and just be together.
This weekend, we will be gone overnight for a special reception Friday to celebrate the re-opening of one of his company's hotels that was damaged during the '04 hurricane season. The girls will stay over with some of our friends here and we'll make the drive to the coast - again, lovely time for us to enjoy one another's company alone. I think we are going to attend a convalidation ceremony Saturday evening, but the girls will come to that with us.
I'm having some issues with the girls... Speak of the devils.... gotta run!
I pray you feel as loved today as I do.
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