February 02, 2006
No catchy title encompassing the flu and boobs....
Poor little A, keeps picking up whatever virus or strain of virus is going around. The poor thing has had the flu three times (shortage of shots here and we don't qualify), strep, and colds galore! Not only am I sick of cleaning it up, but the fact that she wants me to hold her all day when she feels that way is wearing me down. I love that she wants mommy and that she feels like there is something special about the way I comfort her, but it does get old. I admit that I ran screaming out of the house over the weekend, fleeing for hours, leaving daddy to tend to the sick one. He rocks. In spite of no sleep the night before, I had a nice day.
Monday and Tuesday was our little trip to O-town. A had signed the girls up to be in a commercial at a major theme park. It was insane. There were about 1500 kids and I cannot even describe the chaos. It was well organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless. The girls were paid in theme park tickets, which means we will be able to take them back when we can have the whole day - not to mention, the tickets are good for years and years, so we can save them for next year, when both girls will be taller and better enjoy some of the rides, etc.
Not mine. Not anymore, anyway. #9. Not good odds.
Yesterday I went to the ultrasound of one of my "girls" at the center. It was pretty incredible to be able to be there with her when she first saw her baby. Already, I've gotten so much personally out of this experience and I have only just begun. I never imagined that God would call me to serve this way, only to have healing for myself in the process! His plan is so incredible, even when I don't understand or see it. I had total validation for how I connect when after the u/s, the girl came out of the room and reached out to hug me and thank me for being there with her. I just can't explain the emotion I felt in that moment. Her parents are still angry with her and she hasn't yet talked to her priest, but I feel like the support and caring I've given her are making a difference.
And my last bit of information for today.... I am planning on participating in the local Breast Cancer 3 Day walk. 60 miles in three days. Camping under the stars for two nights - with a bunch of people I don't really know. I have two good friends who have battled/are still battling breast cancer and I'd like to walk to honor them and all the others who've been touched by this disease.
I figure this is a good physical goal to work up toward and it's for an incredible cause - raising money and awareness for research. So, yeah, I'm doing this for somewhat selfish reasons. But, the meat of it is that it is something I've felt strongly about for years (before I even had friends WITH cancer). I've been making bracelets and donating money and clicking daily and monthly self exams and praying for years!
And now, I'm going to be truly active and do something to make a real difference. A agreed for me to take the three days and promised that each day, he would bring the girls to the walking route to cheer me on. He also said I can use his new iPod for my training walks. Today, I have orientation and will be able to give more information about it after that. It is something I am really excited about and I look forward to signing up officially (after orientation) and getting the information, so I can start spreading the word.
I pray you're all enjoying time with your families and that life is going well. We have so much to be thankful for and I hope your days are as blessed as ours.
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