March 22, 2006
I've been out for a few days due to a disgusting virus. Or three.
I got the dreaded virus. It was hideous. There was nothing I could do to heal my precious computer. Finally, I took it to an "expert". He worked on it for days and it is finally well and healthy in its home next to my desk.
And I'm back online. But I have fallen far behind on some very important work, so I won't be online much this week. Add to that, my younger daughter's birthday party is this weekend, so any free time I have away from work projects will be devoted to pulling together a birthday party that time somehow got away from me on taking care of details. I even tried to get everything taken care of very early (two months ago), but it never got past the inquiry stage. ugh.
Next week, I will have a couple extra children for spring break. We'll have lots of fun, especially doing whatever princess Little A wants on Thursday, the actual day of her birthday. But I'll be busy, so that will render me offline for a good couple weeks.
We're doing great here, very busy. Very happy. I started physical therapy on my shoulder this week, which I loathe, but I know this will make me heal much much faster - or rather heal at all, since I've not.
Enjoy your spring breaks, enjoy your children, enjoy your husbands and your extended families. Until next time, God Bless you.
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