August 13, 2005
Which first? The good news or the bad?
Okay, at the risk of sounding constantly like gloom and doom..... I'll start with the bad and then end on a high note.

My incredibly hard-working and incredibly successful husband has just found out that he will not be receiving the bonus he has earned. His salary is based on the fact that he would be able to earn bonus (which means they pay him less day to day, but he has the opportunity to EARN more, depending on the performance of his hotel). When Becca was visiting, it was the end of the first half of the year and A was told by the corporate person that his bonus would be $XX,XXX. Yep, that many numbers. We would have been happy with 4 numbers, but the fact that he'd EARNED 5!!! Well, we were thrilled. Then came the announcement the company was restructuring and there were plenty of corporate employees who were let go (same number of employees at the corporate level, even though the company has 30 less hotels, so it made sense to downsize at the corporate level). And well, still no bonus check. Basically he got an email (after inquiring himself) saying, "sorry I didn't get this information to you sooner. There are no exceptions being made on bonuses." A few hours later a corporate person (unrelated to the decision) called him to say "this is BS! I don't understand how they can acknowledge your hotel has made more money and been more successful than ANY OTHER YEAR and them not pay YOU. It is no accident that the hotel has performed this way under your watch." So that's it. You've done great, but we don't care. We're greedy
b@st@rds and we want OUR bonuses, so you don't get yours. Kind of feels like the situation in Atlanta which caused us to be serious about him moving with another company. Now we find that people all over the place are greedy b@st@rds.

Well, understandably, he was feeling defeated yesterday. And I was too. He works hard, he gets results... But for some reason, all he gets is a pat on the back. I just can't believe it. Not to mention, when you find out you're getting $X, you make plans for that money. Like paying off bills. Like moving into a bigger place because you'll be able to afford to just pay cash for furniture for that big empty room. Like having an adults-only mini-vacation. Good thing I already bought my plane ticket for that one, or we'd use this as an excuse not to go!

The good news? We're okay now. We love each other and while that doesn't pay the bills, it sure is a good place to be on the happiness scale. We try never to take each other or our family for granted and it helps that we are evertrusting in what the Lord has in store for us. Even if it hurts along the way.

And the other good news? We are starting to love the new house (with the exception of the big empty room and the garage full of boxes that are yet to be unpacked). It is spacious and beautiful and wonderful. The girls love the park at the front of the community and I am certain that once the construction is done and we have actual neighbors, we'll make some friends.

So, enjoy your weekend. We have great plans for a fantastic weekend. Maybe I'll get around to snapping some photos and finally figure out how to work my Flickr account.

Until next time, God be with you.
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