August 05, 2005
Settling Down
Well, I hate that I still don't have phone or internet, among other things, at the house. This builder is a real piece of work.... Anyway, I am at the library and have 4 minutes left of my computer time....
Wanted you to know that I miss you. Things here are settling down - the bleeding has finally stopped and other than the buckets-full I lost on Tuesday, things seem to be okay for now. I will have an appointment with the good doc in a couple weeks to check things out and figure out what's going on.
We've cancelled a trip the girls and I were going to make to NC to visit family in a couple weeks. There's a possibility I will be needing a D&C to try to get things under control in that region. Not to mention the stress of driving all that way with the girls by myself, even though I'd have a blast once there, is just a bit much for me right now.
I hope to be online next week sometime - they say they have 10 days to complete the work order.... ugh. Anyway, we're getting unpacked and setting things up as best as we can. I've been a mess this week, but there is hope for a new tomorrow. :)
I think of each of you each day and I hope to try to catch up with some of you via phone this weekend (my cell phone bill this month is going to be astronomical!!!).
Much love and many prayers for all of you. God Bless.
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