August 02, 2005
We moved!!!!! We're having a slew of problems since the house is brand new and noone's lived in it before - the appliances are not working properly or leaking water everywhere, we didn't have A/C for 2 days and then we found out after Verizon came to replace a line that the lines in the house were not properly installed, so we won't have a phone or internet for probably another week.
Tonight, Adam got a call that his fire alarm system is down at the hotel after being struck by lightning, so he has to patrol the property or the Fire Dept will close his hotel down. So, when he told me he had to come back to work, I had a breakdown. he packed us all into the cars and we are spending the night at his hotel.

I am having some issues healthwise, the doctor suspects that I had another miscarriage, though I didn't even think I was pregnant - every thing was on time, but a couple months ago I had a lighter period and now the doctor thinks the golf ball sized clots I've been passing today are a result of pregnancy loss - she's thinking 12 weeks!??!?!
So, I'll pray for you and you pray for me. (I am not really upset if it was another miscarriage, but now they are talking about putting me on something to regulate how bad my bleeding has been (and getting worse every month) and as you know, I am not really interested in hormones being pumped into my body. But, if there is something wrong, we have to find that out too. She wants to run some tests too (was vague about it on the phone, but wants to see me in the next couple weeks). Good thing I don't have computer time to google what could be the problem. :)

I am in Adam's office, so I will sign off for now. I hope you're all well. I miss you so much!!! Hopefully we can get our phone issues resolved so I will have DSL soon. argh!
God Bless!
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