August 09, 2005
Nothing Witty or Wonderful....
I've got nothin', folks. I have nothing but the blues. And well, I realized the other day at a playgroup at the park that people must be starting to think I have a grumpy complex. Because, well, there's just so much garbage going on in my life right now.
And I'm ready to have happy things to share. And there are happy things, but I just can't remember them through my worry.
Oh, and yesterday, when I finally had phone service at home and was able to call and schedule an appointment with the doctor, I was told that a nurse would have to call me back to schedule the appointment. Apparently, since it is not a standard appointment, the scheduler can't make it??? Anyway, I got a brief tongue-lashing from the nurse; I guess the doctor really was serious when she told me last week to pee on a stick, which I didn't - thus the lashing. But, I do have an appointment for next Tuesday.
Which means I'll be "back home" for the week since Monday, we have to go to the sentencing hearing for the guy whose terrible judgement caused the accident which cost my stepdad his life. Then, Tuesday afternoon is my doctor appointment (am I the only person who refuses to find a new doctor in the small town where they live because it isn't that big a deal to go over an hour away to an office where I love the doctors and have been going there for 7 years?). And since A will be working overnight Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I've decided that I might as well just stay "home" since I've agreed to watch a friend's son on Friday. So, even though it isn't really traveling, the girls and I will be spending the week away from our new home next week.
Anyway...... Like I said, I should just close my lips and smile and say nothing. Because not much that I have to say lately is really that positive anyway. URGH. Maybe once they figure out what is physically wrong with me, I'll start to feel better. And I'm thinking maybe since I'll be there all week, I'll try to slip in an appointment with my therapist while we're there. Good idea....
Until next time, I'll be praying for you. God Bless.
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