May 01, 2005
Weekend Bliss
Aside from the splitting sinus headache I have again, we had a fabulous weekend. Friday, we headed to the mall for easy read: lazy food court dinner and some browsing around. A took the girls into the arcade to pound alligators on the head and I headed to Hallm*rk to pick up some Mother's Day cards and an anniversary card for the grandparents. Ooh, I cheated and ducked my head in B&B Works to see if my new favorite scent was in stock and lucked out because not only did they get it in that day, it was on sale for $5!! And apparently, I am just like every other woman in this podunk town because they were nearly sold out of the shower gel again!
Yesterday, I made a big breakfast for the family and was blessed to be granted a few hours "off". I went to a Southern Liv*ng party that someone in my apartment complex was having (hey, I have to make friends somehow). That was fun, even though I was the only one there that didn't know anyone else. Afterwards, I was going to try to get the oil changed in A's car (he is NOT good at that sort of thing - how is it that I am in charge of getting the cars serviced?), but the place was all booked up. So, I headed up to a craft/scrapbooking store that I hadn't been before. I had come up with an idea for Mother's Day gifts and wanted to get some special paper and embellishments for the project. I had a wonderful time browsing around the beautiful shop and picking out carefully many things to make the gifts. Afterwards, I went to Michael's to see if they had something less expensive for framing 12x12 pages and lucked out as it was not only cheaper, but nicer, with a whole kit of embellishments and paper! So, even though I am not going to use the embellishments for this project, I have some neat things to use in the future. I am anxious to get my mom's gift done, as I stayed up very late last night completing the one for my MIL. After Michael's, I grabbed some late lunch and went to pick up a few things at Sam's. Remind me never to go to a Sam's Club on a Saturday afternoon. It was ridiculous. Then, I came home and took a nap. Waaahhhh..... Nice day.
Today, as you know, we went to spend the day with my ILs and celebrate the grandparents' 62nd Wedding Anniversary. Wow. I'm still amazed. We just got home a bit ago and I am wiped out. Going to bed early.... 9:30! Another treat!
God Bless you and I pray you had a good weekend filled with wonderful time with your families and loved ones.
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