April 29, 2005
Yep, that's me. I am a chicken. I still haven't called the office. I am sorry I complained so heartily in my last post. What a waste of breath. I had to post something else to have that move down my screen.....
On to better things. We had a playgroup yesterday - I was so happy it went well after only one other person showed up the last time. I met a few more really nice ladies that live in this area and I am looking forward to seeing some of them again next week!
We went to the library for toddler storytime. Strange how Little A has absolutely no interest in storytime, but her sister gets involved even at the ones for kids younger than her. We had a good time at storytime and the girls love their computer time - the library has wonderful children's games on computers in the children's library. We then went to the park - a beautiful park here - one of the nicest I have been to anywhere. Everyone seemed to have a nice time and the kids played well while we moms got to know each other a little bit. The weather was perfect and sunny, without being too hot and it really was a perfect day. I can't wait to have my computer all fixed so I can post pictures again.
Well, we don't have a lot planned for the weekend, but we are going to have lunch or dinner with Adam's family on Sunday to celebrate his grandparents' 62nd wedding anniversary. What a beautiful thing to celebrate.
Until next time, may you have peace and beauty this weekend and many blessings in your life.
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