April 01, 2005
Click here to help raise money for breast cancer research

PLEASE GO to California Hammonds and participate in the Comment-A-Thon. I have spent many late nights reading the love story that is his blog. I have never been so touched by someone's open-ness in the midst of so much pain.

GO FRIDAY AND COMMENT - Bookmark the site and read it later if you don't have time now. ***Say I sent you and I will donate one dollar for each referral (up to 50) that comments on his site on April 1. (comment here too to let me know you participated in this worthy cause)***

It puts my life into perspective. The Hammonds are an incredible family.

If you aren't interested in reading, at least go Comment! It is for a great cause. And then, sit down and pray for the family. Today must be incredibly difficult for them.

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