March 21, 2005
How to Handle a Sex Offender
Just found out this evening from a neighbor that there is a registered sex offender living in the next building. She wanted to let us know since she knows we have two little girls. Not that she wouldn't have told us if our children were boys.

So my question is this: Does anyone know what responsibility lies with the apartment management to disclose this information to people who move in? I know when we owned a house, the police went around distributing flyers when a registered offender moved in 3 streets over. I mean, there is a reason these offenders are required to report their address. There is a reason there is a national database.... Since this guy lived in these apartments before we did, don't we have the right to know prior to moving in that he lives here? I mean, I guess, technically, we should have looked up our address-to-be on the database prior to moving in. But, if a management team assures you that your family will be safe on their property, shouldn't they disclose when they have a resident who is a registered offender? Particularly to families that move in with children? Particularly when those families are moving into the building directly next to the offender's residence?

My neighbor asked one of the leasing agents to confirm whether this guy still lives in the complex. The agent stated that she was unable to disclose that - it would be an invasion of his privacy! WTF?!?!? This guy deserves NO privacy. Why else would he be required to be listed in a national database? I am seriously considering filing some sort of complaint with the management company (above our property's office). As far as I'm concerned, they have knowingly put the children around here at risk - and refused to disclose critical information to the residents here.

I am awaiting a return phone call from a friend who is a county sheriff to determine what the management is required to disclose. And several of us are going to complain to the office manager.

Come on! A girl just hours north of us was murdered by a sex offender just weeks ago! Why even take chances with the residents????

What would you do? And do you know what the law is protecting us and our children?

Until next time, keep your kids within your eyesight and always lock your doors at night. God Bless you and yours.
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