March 31, 2005
Well, so it's done. How do you like my new digs?

It's actually very nice for me that the delays (blogger was having technical difficulties yesterday and before that, I was being difficult with the design ;) ) meant I get this "new" blog today. On a day that I am hoping to fill with lots of busy-ness to prevent myself from thinking too much. My heart hurts when I think about the events of one year ago. You can read all the details
here and here, but I warn you that it will make you cry.

So, I won't be around much today. We are going to the last Cleveland Indians home spring training game, during which I am certainly going to get a bit maudlin since the time we were able to finally see our angel's face occured last year this afternoon. Anyway, I refuse to keep writing about this. I appreciate the well wishes I've already received from a couple of you. I can always tell when I'm being lifted up in prayer and I so appreciate it.

Tomorrow is a big day and I have already
posted about the worthy cause I've been compelled to get involved in. I will move the post to the top of my blog tomorrow to remind you all (7 readers?) to get over to Greg's blog to comment. ***DON'T COMMENT UNTIL TOMORROW!***

SO, I did want to acknowledge the new look. Thanks so much,
Catherine, for your hard work and dealing with my endless requests. I think it turned out perfectly and I love that magically my requests were granted - without nary a comment from you. :) And thanks to Kelly for pointing me in Catherine's direction and for helping me with ideas for theme.

Until next time, much love to you all. May you feel God's blessings abundantly this day.

****Updated to add: March 31 was the day I lost a daughter and I now extend my prayers as two other families lose a daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with the Schiavo and Schindler families. And Terri, may she rest in peace.****
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