March 11, 2005
Need a Little Advice *Updated*
I am so ticked. I just typed a whole entry. I think there must be something wrong with blogger. ugh. Kelly told me that nobody can comment on my blog today, but hopefully that's been fixed as I commented on my recent 2 entries.
Okay, so here's what I need advice about. This gets personal, so if you get squeamish hearing about bodily issues, then read no further. Otherwise, I have something that I have no idea what to make of it.
Before I was pregnant with Gabriella, I was a regular predictable 28 day cycler. I never experienced PMS or any symptom other than plain old bleeding for roughly 5 days. Since, I have had raging PMS accompanied by migraines and then the actual expulsion of uterine contents is rather disgusting and clotty - and long lasting - sometimes up to 7-8 days!
Okay, Since May of last year, this is a snapshot of my cycles:
*22 days
*24 days
*28 days
*this one was actually a cycle that I had a positive pregnancy test and then miscarried at almost 5 weeks
*30 days (I did talk to my ob/midwife about my seemingly weird cycles and
*34 days recent experiences of odd bleeding and PMS and she said that this
*31 days is still considered "normal" and explained by the fact that your body
*29 days goes through changes with each pregnancy. Unfortunately, this seems
*30 days to be what my new "normal" is.)
*still waiting
So, the problem? Now, I am on day 36. With no signs of PMS and no other signals that I am about to start. I also have no signs of pregnancy - being pregnant 7 times, I have known each time that I was - well before my period was due. This month, I am nothing but confused.
***UPDATED TO INCLUDE: I did take a pregnancy test this morning (I had a couple leftover from last year) and I am NOT pregnant. So, what could be up with this super long cycle?***
What do you think? Advice?
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