March 14, 2005
"You Rock, Dude"
I haven't really talked about how funny my girls are. I'll make this brief because it is getting really late and there is snoring coming from down the hall....
Tonight, we were finishing dinner and Little A had excused herself from the table. She was whirling and twirling in the living room and suddenly ran across the room and hurled herself into my side and said "you rock, dude!!"
I seriously sputtered the water from my mouth right onto my dinner plate. ick.
Anyway, my girls do rock. They are the funniest little creatures - beautiful and silly and absolutely hysterical.
I'll have to start recording some of their more laughable moments - so I have them somewhere I can look back and read about the ways they brighten my day to day life - and one day get caught up on their scrapbooks and clever stories to journal on the pages.
Until next time, God Bless you.
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