March 17, 2005
My Incredible 4 Year Old Daughter
I know I said I'd start giving a more peeks into my every day life. So, this will be about V. About how she is amazing... smart... incredibly insightful...

This is a beautiful child. Absolutely more beautiful than I could have imagined ever having in my life, let alone entrusted to me. This picture is one I took at the park on Tuesday. She was hammin for the camera - I took nearly 80 pictures at the park that day. :)

We've been doing schoolwork for the last few weeks. I am amazed how quickly she is learning to read and how much her handwriting has improved over the last few weeks. She's very excited about us finally making it to the library here and was very happy with the storytime this week - it's different than the one we loved in Atlanta, but still very good.

She's been going (Little A too) to Sunday School at our new church. She absolutely loves it. A couple weeks ago, they heard of the story of Christ going to the desert for 40 days - and satan's tempting Him to worship satan to be given the world. Well, afterward, when we came to pick them up, one of the nuns told me that V is very clever and very special. After agreeing with her, I wanted to know to what specifically she was referring. "When we were talking about the devil tempting Christ, V asked 'Why is the devil always trying to separate us from God?' We're very impressed that she understood that concept from our simple story." Well, I'll be honest - I was crying. You know, you always want your child to be kind and smart and spiritual - but you never expect it when it really happens. And to have a nun (actually 2, since the other one has told me in subsequent weeks how special V is) exclaim the beauty of your 4 year-old daughter's spirituality... well, it is a bit overwhelming.

Her first pigtails! She's so excited about her hair growing longer (at her request).

One more for fun.

What a special child, indeed.
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