March 25, 2005
Holy Easter Week

*********I wanted to include here that Jenny and Andrew have absolutely wonderful news. Best Wishes for many dreams come true.***************

I haven't really updated this week... But, no news is good news..... things have been going well this week.

We went to Orlando for a couple days to spend some time with our friends who were there for spring break. The girls and I went at noontime Tuesday and met them at Downtown Disney for lunch and to just spend some time. Afterwards, we went over to the Shrine and we adults went to confession - a perfect way to head into the Triduum and Easter.

A drove up after work and Al and I made dinner before the men and kids settled in to watch The Incredibles. Al and I went back to Downtown Disney on a mission to find some cool Disney beads - we did find some, but at $4 each we passed. I did buy a Tinkerbell bag for Little A to use at the library (her birthday is next week). We stayed over and A left for work in the morning.

The girls and I met up with a longtime email friend from CA, also there for spring break with her children. This friend and I have never met in person before, but we have a mutual friend that we both have spent some time with. Amazingly, L and her daughters (5!! ages 11-16!!!!!) were staying at the same resort where Al and her family were - we were in buildings across the pool from each other! This is really weird considering how many resorts are in the Orlando area and we had no idea until we were deciding where to meet (I asked where they were staying, thinking I'd come to her - little did I know that all I had to do was walk about 100 yards!). Anyway, other than Little A acting like a total brat and throwing tantrums (she has NEVER acted that way before, I was so so embarrassed), we had a nice time with them and we went to lunch - 9 girls, including moms!

After lunch they went on their way to a park and my girls and I headed to the outlet mall to buy sandals for the year. I love the durability of Stride Rite, but can't see spending so much on sandals for my kids - the outlet has great prices! And since the sandals they had last year lasted more than 7 months and still looked new (they wore them EVERY day), I was convinced this was the brand for every year. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right shoes in the right sizes, so they now have these pansy-lookin' white leather sandals. No offense to those who put white sandals on their girls, but it just doesn't suit the style of clothes that my kids normally wear. But, V was so excited and twirling around saying they looked like princess shoes. :)

Yesterday, we just had a lazy day at home - well, I did do a little laundry and signed on to be coordinator for a playgroup. I figure since our church doesn't have any programs for moms, I'd try other routes to make some local friends. I looked online and found a phenomenal website that connects moms and the group in my area didn't have a coordinator and nobody has been participating or going to events. So, I signed up. And I planned something for next week and already there are 9 RSVP's including children! I think this is awesome!

The afternoon was spent doing schoolwork with V, her favorite part of every day. Later we headed to the grocery to get some dinner. We met A at a beautiful park for a picnic supper and we walked around the lake before heading to Holy Thursday mass. Little A was a nightmare (this child has some kind of problem lately and I am willing to sell her to the highest bidder) and we ended up leaving after an hour, but long before communion. Ugh.

This weekend, we are headed to see our family for Easter. So happy to be close enough to spend most weekends with them. So wonderful to be with people who love us so.

Until next time, I pray that this Holy weekend is filled with many blessings for you and your family.
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