April 08, 2005
Blogspot was being Bumb yesterday....
or, my computer was being stupid with this site, but I could not post for Holly yesterday.

Well, I was trying to post yesterday to think of Holly and her family (she asks for prayers especially for her mom) at 1pm for the funeral. She said it would be a long, hard day. We spoke briefly 10am yesterday, and she told me we probably would not speak until sometime today.

We've been watching my 9 year old niece the past 2 days, so when I do speak to Holly, the first chance I get I'll post an update from her. I'll do my best to get it here fast.

She does thank everyone for their comments, those sending their love and prayers, and everyone who is donating. Please keep spreading the word - your actions are more than appreciated!!!! Holly loves you all. Thanks for sticking by her during this time.

Much love to all of you, and thanks for all you do. I'm honored to witness all the friendship we've been seeing this week - and Holly and her mom especially are honored to be touched by it all.

God Bless,
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