April 05, 2005
A Post For Holly

Hello Dear Friends. This is Becca for Holly. She wanted me to get the "Make a Donation" sticker on her blog. You'll find it above, and to the left top of her blog near her pic and info. Please let me know if the links don't work - I'm not the best HTML queen around.

Holly is holding up. She is VERY busy and on "autopilot" as she says. I also spoke with her mom today, who was having a better moment when I spoke with her, but it is still unbelievable. There really are no words are there?

Holly does want to thank, somehow, all of you. She is so grateful for the paypal account, and all the offers of "what can I do?" Jen was INCREDIBLE today to spend so much time working on photoshop with some pictures of Pop for the funeral. Holly thanks you so much, and Holly's mom especially, Jen, was very appreciative. She was raving about your work. Your work was so moving, incredible, and perfect. They ordered copies of all the pics, with 2 being the ones for the funeral blown up bigger for many to see. THANK YOU for your time in creating this tribute.

That is about all the updates for now. Please consider giving. The financial picture is not looking pretty, and the more word we can get out, the better. If you'd like the HTML code, many of us have it now, or you can contact me here on this blog, or here for the code.

You all are incredible. Much love to all of you. This community is amazing.
God's Peace and Blessings!
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