March 07, 2005
Busy Weekend
Well, I am finally feeling better! Yee haw! The antibiotics seemed to do the trick and I am ready to get busy working out.

Friday, the girls and I left in the morning and drove an hour to our hometown. We first delivered lunch (homemade vegetable soup) to my MIL at her work. The girls, of course, wanted to hang out a bit and they had some snacks and spent some time with their Nanny. Then, we drove to my mom's work, where we had lunch and delivered some of the soup as well as homemade strawberry jam to her. The girls are so wonderful, loving their grandparents so much... To kill some time in the afternoon, we took the car to have the oil changed and the tail lights fixed - oh what fun, but it needed to be done. We walked down to Michael's to while the time waiting for the car. I bought some things to make a bracelet for our close family friend who had a mastectomy last Tuesday or Wednesday. I had bought a breast cancer bracelet for a friend in Atlanta when she was finished with radiation, and I thought I could make one myself for our friend here.

Once the car was done, we drove on to A's parents' house and V did some school work while we awaited the grandparents' return from work. She enjoyed showing off her skills once Nanny arrived and she continues to impress me with her improvement in writing her letters - she is growing more and more careful. She is also starting to read and I am just really impressed with all that she is absorbing. A drove over after work and we went to dinner with his parents and grandparents - the first time his grandfather had been out (other than for dr. appts) since being ill. His grandparents seem to be doing much better, but Poppop is still unsure of driving, so A picked them up for dinner. I am going to start going over there once a week to help them out with grocery shopping and any other errands they need run.

After dinner, I went out to Target to get a card and gift card for my stepdad since his birthday was Sunday (I had remembered a few weeks ago, but forgot until my mom reminded me Friday night). I enjoyed the evening further by going to visit my friend Al and her family. So nice to spend some time by myself/without being mommy.

Saturday began with meeting my mom and stepdad for breakfast. He had just picked up a brand spankin' new Harley the day before and was quite proud to have his picture taken and V even jumped up there behind him to have her picture taken with her Pop. A wasn't so happy about being put up there, but Mimi tricked her into looking at a "monkey" up in the tree, so I was able to get a decent picture of the three of them on the bike. :) It was nice to send A and the girls on their way and spend a few hours with my mom, just puttering around. We went to a bead shop so I could get a pink ribbon charm for the bracelet I was making. Then we spent about 30 minutes in a Hallmark shop, just looking around and choosing cards (my church wedding anniversary was also Sunday). After that, we went to Sam's and spent about an hour just walking around and looking at things. I did buy wipes - I will rejoice if this purchase is wasted and Little A decides this week to use the potty. I know, wishful thinking. It was so nice to just have a relaxing time and not have to be mommy for so many hours. We were lazy in the afternoon and headed home in the evening.

Sunday had a lazy start before going to church. Have I mentioned that I love the Sunday School program they have at our new church? It is for 3-5 year olds and they usually have a story based on one or two of that Sunday's scripture readings that we are hearing during mass. The program is run by two nuns and some parent volunteers and they have songs and prayers and crafts each week. The girls seem to really enjoy it, even if Little A hangs her head shyly when we arrive. After church, we had a quick lunch before heading to see a baseball game!

As I mentioned above, Sunday was our church wedding anniversary. We were married at the courthouse 4 months before being married in the Catholic Church. We consider our November anniversary to be our official one, but honor our March one since it was the ceremony that fully pulled God into our marriage. I can tell you honestly that 6 years ago, when we were married in a simple ceremony with 20 family members in attendance, we never imagined what our marriage would entail. We could not have imagined that an anniversary not far off would be spent at a spring training game with two beautiful daughters. It was a beautiful day, though cool in the shade, and we really enjoyed the game.

We were supposed to have dinner with friends from Orlando, but they cancelled at the last minute - something that seems to be happening a lot when we make plans with them - the last time, the girls and I were sick and the time before that, they ended up in the ER because she is pregnant and had some spotting.... The nice thing about them cancelling, though, is that we rushed home from the game to clean the apartment in anticipation of their visit after dinner. Knowing us, we'd have come home after the game and all taken naps and the apartment would not have gotten cleaned at all. And now, we have clean bathrooms and clean floors. :) Now, if I could just get the laundry caught up. Hopefully, we will be able to get together soon with that couple. After we had a simple dinner at home, the four of us settled on the couch and watched Fantasia 2000.

What a wonderful weekend. Truly.

Until next time, may God's Blessings be abundant in your life.
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