March 07, 2005
The Best Love Story I've Ever Seen
We have Netflix. We love it. So much that we gave my FIL a subscription for Christmas. There is a cool new feature that allows one account to have several queues. This means A can choose movies that he wants to see and since his queue is allotted one movie at a time, he knows that if he doesn't watch the one he has, he's not getting a new one yet. I am fair and since the main queue is allowed 2 movies at a time, I try to keep every other one on there something we both want to see.
My latest movie for my own selfish viewing pleasure was The Notebook. This movie was absolutely the most romantic movie I have ever seen. Ever. In my life. I won't spoil it by giving away plot details or anything like that, but it was an incredible movie. It had nothing to do with the actors, they aren't ones I really even knew well before watching this movie. It isn't like I was lusting after Brad Pitt or something... And I think that helped make it more realistic. That I wasn't watching some well-known actors play a character - I was watching the characters themselves.
I sobbed watching it. I cried the next morning when I was telling A about it (he refused to watch it with me). I cried on the phone with my mom after I had her watch it - days after my viewing. It was the most heartening movie I have seen. The most real. The most amazing love. And if you watch the dvd and look at the deleted/extended scenes, there are some pretty hot sex scenes in there too.
If you like love stories, run out and rent this one! I am actually going to get a library card tomorrow just so I can check out this novel. A has joked that I am going to convert love story lovers everywhere one woman at a time. I laughed evil-y and said "I am going to reach about 5 at once by having a blog entry about this movie!"
This is one movie that I will actually own.
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