January 24, 2005
I need to make some neighborhood friends
Argh! I am so lonely through the week. I am so happy to be close to home, but golly, I am sure missing having someone to hang out with and chat with through the week. Someone to go to the park with or meet at the library for storytime or invite over for lunch. I miss that.

On the other hand, I am grateful for the friends I do have, even though they aren't within quick-visit range. I have enjoyed finding T&J's REAL blog and reading that some couples are exactly where we are. I have enjoyed living vicariously through
Kelly and Jen and their wild adventures. I find it immensely boring to share my sex life with you, but suffice to say that we are both happy with our own escapades - actually I do have a hysterical story from the other week... nah, I am not going to go there. Anyway, I digress.

Friday, when I drove into town to get A from the airport, we'd made plans to meet some friends for dinner. It was awesome not to need directions and to know exactly where I was headed, in spite of never having been to this particular restaurant. I have known M (the husband) for 9 years and we have run the gamut in our friendship. We used to have a blast together and spend nights being drunk and crazy - okay, I was crazy, he was just drunk. Come to think of it, I am not sure how our friendship has lasted so long - through both of us getting married and having kids. I am really blessed to have him in my life - I never thought when I was 20 that I was meeting a lifelong friend. And I am blessed too, because M has an awesome, fun wife. She has the same goofy sense of humor as he does and they are just fun to be around. And then there is their baby, C. This little guy is 16 months old and is bigger than Ana who will be 3 in two months. He is really quite a happy baby and I swear this kid is going to be like 7 feet tall! Anyway, aside from missing D part of the meal (baby C needed a walk), we had a nice time and look forward to getting together with them much more often now that we are back in the area. Actually, I am hoping that M and I will get to a baseball game during spring training. I need some buddy time. I can be goofy with him in a way that I can't be with my girlfriends.... Is that weird?

Saturday, my mom came to visit. She brought with her the mother of all Christmas gifts. The girls' kitchen. I am going to get the playroom straight and get the kitchen set up and post pictures here later. I think I am nearly as excited about this gift as the girls are. It is so beautiful and I even made the comment that these are items we will definitely save after the girls have outgrown them. I am thinking ahead to when I will be the best grandma ever with these incredibly awesome toys for my grandchildren to play with! Am I corny or what? It was nice having her here and I can't wait for her to come again. I think she was pleased that the drive isn't as bad as she'd expected and hopefully she's willing to make the drive often. We had a delicious lunch (Becca, remember the salad we had for dinner at my place?) and then she and I went and had an hour of browsing through the dollar and grocery stores (again, am I weird?). After she left and A went to work, the girls and I loaded up and drove to
Michael's, one of my all time favorite stores. I got some great bargains and I am looking forward to starting a scrapbook for my friends with pictures I have of their daughter when I was her daycare provider. In all, it was a pleasant day.

Sunday, we went to church at our new church. In spite of the fact we've been here for 6 weeks, this was only the 2nd Sunday we'd been to our new church. That is just how often we have been visiting with our parents that we've been going to our hometown church pretty consistently. Anyway, we are digging the new church and I look forward to finding out more about their programs and actually meeting some friends. I have been incredibly impressed with what I've learned about their private school, but I will save that for another entry.

After church, we had a lazy afternoon in anticipation of meeting our closest friends for dinner. We were going to meet halfway, but plans changed when Al's van was hit by a truck bedliner. That's right. A truck bedliner flew out of the back of the bed it was lining and crossed the highway and rocketed into our friends' van a la
Twister. With them and their 3 children inside it. Thank God nobody was hurt. They decided that since damage was minimal (only the roof of the van was damaged), they would meet us as long as they were done with the police by 5:30. Well, by the time they were done, we'd arrived in their neck of the woods, so we ate at SmokeyBones and enjoyed a drink or two before heading home. We look forward to them driving to us next weekend and maybe staying over so we can have a wild night of drinking without the worry of an hour drive home. :) Okay, our wild nights of drinking aren't really wild, but we do impart our share of alcohol on occasion.

In all, it was a great weekend. Two dinners with friends. One visit with mom. Church. Time with my husband and children together. Really, one of the best weekends I have had since our
Blog Party. And that is saying something.

I will write another entry about our school woes and post some pics of the girls' kitchen later.

Until then, God Bless you!
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