October 24, 2008
I don't suppose there's anything I can say to excuse my absence other than the fact that my life is busy. Clearly, this blog is at the bottom of my priority list. That is not to say, however, that I don't think of those who I met and cultivated friendships through this space and yours on the interweb.
It is to say that our lives are busy. Since I last wrote:
-my husband's grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday
-I had my 33rd birthday
-my sister-in-law had her first child, a son
-we've actually been staying on track with school (even I am shocked that we are in the eighth week and finishing week 9's work)
-two girls are playing soccer, so two different teams and two different schedules
-two girls are taking piano lessons and art classes
-two girls in two different science clubs
-1 girl in a language arts club
-I've been sick for a week
-gourmet dinner club
-girls' night out
-Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series overtook my life for a week. It was an enjoyable week, though I'm sheepish to admit how much I loved this teenage vampire lovestory.
-a child jumped on my not-yet-recovered knee, requiring a visit with the surgeon who deemed me "perfect" in spite of the swelling and pain
-pumpkin carving in front of the fire with s'mores afterward
-we hosted a dinner party (I think I mentioned this before, that we were going to do it?) to thank 20 people for all their help taking care of us and helping us move this summer
-our church's fall festival and turkey dinner (I volunteer during the week before to prepare)
-this weekend we have: tailgating trick-or-treat along with a praise and worship holy hour tonight; hubs and I have a class from 10-12 tomorrow while the girls have soccer games at 10:45 and noon, we have a wedding at 4:30, then a neighborhood happy hour/potluck at 6; Sunday, we serve at the 10:30 mass, then I have a baby shower that I'm helping host at 1:30...
-Also, we are now preparing for trips to Ohio, NYC, Florida and California in the next month
-Yes. We are crazy. Thank you for asking.
So, that's why I'm not around. It isn't that I don't miss writing here, it's just that I don't miss writing here enough to actually move it up on the priority list. I thought about participating in NaBloPoMo again this year, but I won't have internet access for the two days I'm in NYC. I do realize NYC has internet access, it's just that I'm not bringing a computer with me and plan to thoroughly enjoy my time with my husband in the city. Unless I can figure out how to post to my blog from my phone. Anyone know if that's possible?
Anyway, I figured I better post something or I'm in serious danger of just needing to close up shop here. I'm not quite ready to do that yet and know from my many friends that have come and gone through their blogs that I will likely reopen within months of shutting it down. So, I won't give you empty promises of "I'll try to post more often." But I will tell you that if you read here or used to read here, I think of you. Really, I do. I pray for you, even. But, my life has taken on a speed that requires pretty much all I have to give. Which leaves nothing for writing here.
I keep thinking I'd like to document more on the Little Way, but again, living it has superceded writing about it and I haven't figured out how to get up early enough to reclaim that time for myself each morning since I hurt my knee way back in May - something to do with not sleeping well through pain? That is my only lasting complaint about my knee. Sure, it hurts still sometimes and if I overdo it, I pay for days, but for the most part I can thank God for His healing hand.
I am going to hit publish now, as I hear silence above me, which usually means they are no longer working on spelling or handwriting and I need to help them along. Today, I'm making a St. Bernadette costume, a cape/cloak for St. Therese of Liseux and the cake (minus frosting) for that shower on Sunday.
Until next time, God Bless You.
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