April 13, 2008
This weekend has been joyously busy. We started with our usual time with Jesus on Friday evening from 5-6. Then, we headed to our young friends' current home for dinner and hanging out. They are fun - funny, smart and about exactly where we were 5 years ago. Their children are almost 2 and almost 6 months. We leave there thinking, how on earth do that deal with that every day? And then we realized we did that, too. It was just long enough in our past that we've completely glazed it over. Anyway, it was an enjoyable night filled with lots of wine.
Saturday, a high school friend of my husband's came for lunch with her husband. (We've stayed in touch with her these past 9 or so years and visit with her if we all happen to be in Florida visiting our parents at the same time.) They live on the Virginia side outside of DC and since she has a high-powered job as a lobbyist and we are ridiculously busy, it's been hard to meet up since we moved here last year. It was a stunning day, so we enjoyed sitting on the deck and enjoying our lunch in the fresh air and sunshine.
Also, we are suburbanites. We belong to a gourmet supper club that gets together once per month and that was Saturday evening. So, yay! More wine! Fantastic, really.
And today, we began the long process that will hopefully result in a streamlined basement. Oh, and then we went to see a house before heading to evening church.
The house? It's got pluses and minuses. We are at a stalemate - how do we make a decision when we are not on the same page? This is really the first time this has happened in more than 8 years. So, seriously, how do we solve this?
I'll try to write more tomorrow about the house and list its pros and cons for you, perhaps you can offer some suggestions.
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