April 04, 2008
Spring Insomnia
I can't sleep. I could dismiss it and play it off like it's no big deal. But this week..... Well, this week has not been the kindest week to me in past years. Although, 6 years ago this week, I was blessed beyond measure with the birth of my second daughter.
I can't believe she's six already. To top it off, she lost her first tooth today. Which reminds me.... We totally forgot about the tooth fairy. Funny, how we're entering an era and one of Nino's is leaving it. Live blogging, folks, as I was typing this post, I ran to play tooth fairy. I even flitted a bit. For those of you who know me in person, you'll know just how awkward that was. Six.... I'm floored.
So, this week... why is it a bummer for me every year, in spite of the joyous occasion of Silly Sally's birthday? Well, 4 years ago, this happened. Go ahead and read it, then come back. You'll want to read that post and the next one to get all that I'd written about it.
And then 3 years ago, this happened.
So, yeah. Crappy week. I'll be back next week.
God Bless You.
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