November 03, 2007
Day 3: Insomnia
Why is it that when Husband isn't here, I can't sleep? I was awake past 2 am, in spite of being very tired and worn out (three days with 7, 6, 5 and 4 will do that to you). The girls (minus Silly Sally, who was in bed with me) were having a slumber in the family room. Until 6:30 this morning when I was wakened by the sound of someone in the bathroom.
It was Bookworm. She had an overnight accident and needed a bath, if you catch my drift. So, yes, after not sleeping during the night, I have been dragged from bed, kicking a screaming like a petulant 3 year-old with the necessity to scrub the carpet in my family room. Ugh.
12 more hours. I swear I can make it.
I promise you: Tonight, after I drop 6 and 4 at their house, I am going to come back here, put 7 and 5 to bed and drink a glass or 4 of wine. I'm only half joking. Or not.
Hope you have a beautiful Saturday. I'll come back tomorrow with coherent thoughts - I'll tell you something fun - like how even my high school principal told me I should stop dating losers.
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