March 26, 2007
After a week of emotional stress, this past was a weekend for heartbreak in our home. Not direct heartbreak, but one that causes the edges to feel frayed, jagged.
The first tear happened Friday, when we learned that a close friend (Husband's oldest friend) is separating from his wife. Not by his choice. When we talked to him on Saturday, we got more information and learned that she has even stated she doesn't want the responsibility of their daughter. I just can't imagine. And if my heart hurts this much, how much must his be hurting?
The second blow to our hearts was when I attended a meeting Sunday. It was announced that someone we trust and rely on spiritually, someone who shephards a flock of thousands, has admitted to abusing his power - 40 years ago. The thing is, the abuse of power was of a nature that does not allow for forgiveness and then things move on. It's an abuse that I pray did not happen beyond what's been reported. I pray everyone will find peace in this situation. But, I know that before the peace, there will be a falling apart of sorts and I know it will rock our community in a way that no one could expect. I just pray that our faith will stay in focus and that we'll be able to forgive and move forward. It is, after all, not our call to judge.
If you could pray for the peripherals of our lives, I'd appreciate it. We're actually doing really well, it's just when one is surrounded by despair, it tends to weigh heavily on one's own heart.
God Bless you.
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