March 19, 2007
Who doesn't love a good contest?
We've been trying to figure out what activity to get the girls involved in. We had tossed around ideas for many different types of activities:
~Swimming, at which Silly Sally is really adept
~Drama, which would work on building their confidence, plus we think it might be a great outlet for Silly Sally to expend some of her creative energy
~Dance, which we know they both have a marginal interest in - plus the costumes are so cute*
~Some other sport, maybe martial arts (which is something that Silly Sally has expressed interest in)
Does anyone else notice how most of these things have to do with Silly Sally? Well, to be honest, all Bookworm talks about is reading - and wanting to be a nun. We really thought they'd both be sold on the idea of dance classes, but Bookworm said she's more interested in swimming. The thing is, I'm not sure she would eventually make the swim team (she's a bit like her mother, not at all graceful). And as for dance? They're both a bit heavy-footed like their daddy.
Husband and I did decide that it would be either swimming or dance, since we really want them involved in something physical. Because of the cost, we are not willing to have them in two different things at this time (they already take piano lessons - or, they will when we find them a teacher here). The plus side of swimming, is we would be required to have a membership at the Y and we could all enjoy that - plus I could work out during their classes.
So.... any thoughts? We don't want them to be over-involved, but we do want to encourage a healthy interest in physical activity for both fun and to challenge onesself.
*And if you have a precious little girl, you must enter this contest. I intend to shop at this stay-at-home mom's site in the event our precious little girls end up in dance classes.
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