January 23, 2007
Be careful the punishment you promise
When your kids disobey over and over; when your polite requests for tasks to be completed become a bit agitated, then turn into nagging; when they continue to say "Yes, Mama, it's done", yet when you check, the task is incomplete... Be wary of letting your emotions push you into the promise of a heinous punishment in the event the task is not completed at a certain time.
No matter how specific I am of my realistic expectations, with clear instructions and even a step-by-step reminder, my younger daughter continues to hide things and half-a$$ it. My older daughter is so sick of the reminders and the questions and time countdown that she just lies and says the task is complete.
So, I am forced to follow through with the heinous punishment. I detest spanking my children. I rarely do it and had even stopped altogether. But this late bout of lying and disobedience has spawned a new sense of frustration in the mommy. Gentle reminders aren't working. A raised and serious tone aren't working. Time-outs for girls and/or toys aren't working. Lost priveleges isn't working. So, in my frustration, I promised spanking.
And I just hate following through on that one.
Please tell me that things will revert back to normal once we have daddy at home every night. And then, if you could please say a prayer (or more than one, if you are so inclined) for me and my girls. We have only two more nights in this house and I really only have a day and half to get done my lengthy pre-move list.
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