February 22, 2007
The Wilhoite Family
I have been following Amy's story since July. I can't remember where I heard of her, surely someone else in cyberspace directed her readers to pray for this young mother. I do know that I've been reading her blog since her second entry was posted, so perhaps I heard from someone who knew her or was a friend of her family?
At any rate, Amy's story has kept me engaged in praying for her, for her husband and for her baby. I've prayed for her brother, who was a generous marrow donor when it was Amy's last chance at health. I have rejoiced when she has rejoiced at the good news from her biopsies. I have prayed for her to get stronger and be able to care for her son.... I have probably spent more time praying for Amy and her family than anyone else I've ever known (or not known).
And now, my friends, I ask you to join me in prayer for Amy and her family. They are in more need now than they have ever known. And my heart aches for all of them. There is nothing I can do this Lent to know even a portion of the cross the Wilhoite family bears. But I do keep praying for continued grace for all of them as they face this Easter season with the burdens of such a heavy and ungainly cross. I believe God is a God of miracles and I want so much for Him to grant this family peace - and the miracle of life for Amy.
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