September 06, 2006
Works-for-Me Wednesday
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My Dymo Labelmaker.

This little gadget has me so happy lately. I've labeled the kids' school notebooks, the pantry tupperware storage, the edges of the school cabinet shelves...
I bought it on sale at Targ*t and in one month, I've managed to burn through almost an entire cartridge of label tape. I like it because it helps me know what dry goods are in each container in the pantry; the girls know right where thier things are in the school cabinet; I've even labeled the bins of yet-to-grow-into clothes and those that are ready-to-be-consigned-or-handed-down in the top of the girls' closet.
The night I got it, I was up late, making labels and organizing in my kitchen. Yes, my husband thought I was a major dork. And, yes, that is probably true. But I am constantly thinking of things that I can label to make my life just a bit more organized - I'm thinking an overhaul of my craft supply storage is in order next month.
Dymo, it works for me!
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